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Fabricación de filtros



The M8 system is designed to dose, mix and apply glues or resins of 2 components of low or medium viscosity.

It is compatible with epoxy, polyurethane, and silicone.

For use in construction, potting and joints.

The M8 system is ideal for small quantity application and resin injection in the electronics industry. It can also be used in the furniture industry.

The M8 system increases quality and simplifies production and facilitates component handling.

The system automatically doses the products guaranteeing a precise and homogeneous mixture.

The components are dosed under pressure to eliminate the air in the circuits.

Complete system includes tubes and hoses, gun with disposable static mixers, and nozzles.

The amount of adhesive applied can be adjusted by mechanical or electronic system.

The gun has an "anti-drip" system and can be delivered with a manual, foot or photo sensor control.

Capacidad: desde gotas hasta 500 ml/min

Presión de aire requerida: 5 bar, 150 l/min

Presión de los componentes: hasta 60 bar

Ratio fijo: 100:4 hasta 100:100

Precisión ratio: +/- 2%

Viscosidad: 1-30.000 mPa.s

Cantidad por disparo: Mín.: gotas Máx.: 290 ml / disparo

Pistón de base: 6-25 mm

Pistón de endurecedor: 6-25 mm

Volumen envase: 5, 10 o 20 litros

Peso máquina: aprox. 150 Kg

Opción: Control electrónico de cantidad

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